Split in the Middle Mitts


Yarn: I used King Cole Riot DK, colour – Magic.

3.00mm &  3.50mm dpns

Abbreviations:  PM: place marker; m1: make one; slM: slip marker.

To make one, lift the bar bar between the stitches from the back and purl it through the front loop.


Stretchy Cast On posted on Youtube by scarletzebra  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAaOQb03wec

 Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Cast Off  http://knitty.com/ISSUEfall09/FEATjssbo.php


Stretchy Cast On 44st on 3.5mm dpns.

Arrange over 3 dpns, place spare thread to mark beginning of Rnd.

Rnds 1-6: k1, p1 rib all round.

Change to 3.00mm needles

Rnds 7–14: continue in rib.

Change back  to 3.50mm needles

Rnd 15-17: Continue in rib.

Start thumb gusset.

Rnd 18: patt 7st, PM, patt 29st PM, cont Rnd.   (there will be a k st before first and after second M).

Rnd 19 and each alt Rnd until 16 extra sts (60st): Work 7 st, m1 purlwise, sl M, work to second M, slM, m1 purlwise. (i.e. m1 before first and after second M.

Rnd 20 and all even Rnds, work as pattern except  increased sts – purl those.

Rnds 35: as even numbered Rnds.

Rnd 36: Work to 8st before end of Rnd marker, put next 16 sts on a thread, continue Rnd joining firmly each side of thumb sts.

Rnds 37-39: as pattern.

Rnd 40 (optional short row to improve shaping!): work 12 sts w&t, work 24 sts, w&t, cont

Work 8 more Rnds.

Rnd 49: k1, p1 all Rnd (helps prevent curling down in the purl areas).

Cast off using Jeny’s Stretchy Cast Off on 2.5mm needles


With 3.50mm dpn, pick up and knit 2sts from base of thumb (tbl if needed to make close any holes) then the 16 sts on to two dpns. 18st

Work 6 Rnds  keeping rib pattern.

Cast off knitwise.

Repeat for the second mitt.



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