Dyeing A Gradient In A Snood

I wanted to dye a gradient without the bother of winding short skeins. I’d seen posts where it had been done as a ball (cake!) but I was worried it would come apart in the dye bath. There must be a way to hold the ball together and still let the dye through.  I crocheted a “snood”!

Snood 01Jitterbug Gradient in snood 2015-03-27  (2)

Did you ever see anything so ugly? but it worked…

Jitterbug Gradient 2015-03-27 02

The wool is Colinette Cadenza a superwash wool, bought undyed and the dye was a throw-it-in mix of about 4 berry blue KoolAid, a little cherry KoolAid, a dib or two of Wilton’s violet and a little dib of Wiltons black and a couple of tspns of citric acid.

The end result …..

Jitterbug Gradient  2015-03-27  rewound

…  and then rewound

I think I’ll call it Damson Bombe.  Now, what to make with it.



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