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Lob Scouse – My Favourite Winter Food

Lob Scouse
Very rough recipe.
Lamb, best end of neck, cut across into small bite-sizes pieces; remove as much fat as possible.

2 large Carrots, diced

3 large Leeks , sliced 

1 med Swede, diced, smallish

3 large Cooking (Bramley are best) Apples, peeled, cored sliced

3 large Parsnips, diced – if woody discard core, 

Celery – not too much (3 small sticks?), I hate the stuff but the scouse just doesn’t taste right without.

Pearl Barley 

Lentils (not 24 hour soak ones)

Green Split Peas (not 24 hour soak ones)

Stock (I use tinned tomato with a couple of stock cubes, my G’mother would be horrified). I used to be able to get ham bones which made wonderful stock and often had a good amount of meat still on which added to the flavour; no one sells them now.

Herbs (I use fresh (from my garden) Bay Leaves & a large pinch of thyme)

I make this in a huge stewpan, often doubling the amount to “feed” the freezer, brown the meat first, take the meat (but not juices) out and cook all the chopped veg for a little while. Return the meat add the stock (enough to cover everything well) and the pearl barley, lentils and split peas – I’ve never weighed anything so – a handful or 2 of each????? Then throw in the herbs.

Simmer until everything is soft!

Cooking apples are essential and Bramley’s are the best. 

Potatoes? Never in, always with…..

NO potatoes cooked in the Lob Scouse, it’s served in a big bowl on a pile of creamy mashed potato – make a hollow in the middle. Wonderful comfort food and I have never served it to anyone who didn’t come back for more!



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